Налазите се | Аутори - Томислав З. Лонгиновић
Томислав З. Лонгиновић
ЛОНГИНОВИЋ, Томислав З., 1955-

Tomislav Z. Longinović
Professor of Slavic, Comparative Literature and Visual Culture
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1452 Van Hise
1220 Linden Dr
Madison, WI 53706
Ph. D., 1990, University of Iowa, Comparative Literature Program
Dissertation: "The Improbable Universe: Ideology, Identity and Borderline Poetics in the Twentieth Century Slavic Novel," Daniel Weissbort, supervisor
M. F. A., 1984, University of Iowa, Department of English (Creative Writing)
Thesis: "Moment of Silence," James A. McPherson, supervisor
B. A., 1981, University of Belgrade (Yugoslavia), Faculty of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology)
Thesis: "The Impact of Psychedelic Research on Identity Theory and Therapy,"
Dr. Josip Berger, supervisor
Study Abroad Programs:
Oxford Academy of English, Oxford, England, Summer (1972-1973)
Positions held and offered:
2008-2011 Chair, Slavic Languages and Literatures, UW-Madison
2005-present   Resident Director, UW-Madison International Seminar 
(Rovinj, Croatia)
2003     Visiting Professor, Central European University (Anthropology, course on Violence and Culture)
2001-present Professor of Slavic and Comparative Literature, 
(U of Wisconsin-Madison)
2001     Visiting Professor, Harvard University (Slavic Department)
Fall 2000  Chair, Slavic Languages, UW-Madison
1999-2000   Visiting Professor, Central European University (Budapest), Gender Studies Program
1999-2001 Director, The Cultural Translation Project 
(Global Studies, UW-Madison)
1999          Director, International Writing Program, University of Iowa (position declined)
1997-99         Associate Chair, Slavic Languages, UW-Madison
1996- 2001 Associate Professor, UW-Madison
1990- 1996 Assistant Professor, UW-Madison
1988-1989 Translation Coordinator, University of Iowa, 
International Writing Program (USIA)
1984-1987 Teaching Assistant, University of Iowa, 
General Education in Literature Program
1983   Research Assistant, University of Iowa, Creative Writing Program
Honors and awards: 
Hilldale Faculty-Undergraduate Research Fellowship, 2008
Mellon Foundation, “Post-Human” (UW-Madison), 2008-2009
Mellon Foundation, “Monstrosity and Alterity” (UW-Madison), 2006-2007
Vilas Associate, UW-Madison (1999-2000)
Ford Foundation, “Legacies of Authoritarianism,” Research Circle Startup Grant
Ford Foundation, "Media, Performance, Identity," Research Circle Startup Grant, 1998/99 
Canada Council, Literary History Project Grant, (University of Toronto), 1996-2000
IREX Short-Term Travel Grant, 1995. (FR Yugoslavia)
Fellow, Institute for Research in the Humanties, UW-Madison, 1995
Global Cultures Course Development Award, UW-Madison, 1994
Graduate School Research Committee, UW-Madison, Summer Research Grant: 1993, 1994, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2008, 2009.
Hilldale Faculty-Undergraduate Research Fellowship, 1991, 2008
Best Literary Contribution in Yugoslavia, 1990
Writing Fellow, International Writing Program, University of Iowa, 1982
Professional activity:
Editor-in Chief, Serbian Literary Research (refereed academic journal), Novi Sad, (Serbia)
Academic Board Member, Ohrid State University (Macedonia) (2003-2008)
Academic Board Member, Banja Luka Communications College (Bosnia-Herzegovina) (2001-present)
PMLA Advisory Committee, 1998-2000, 
Reader for: The Comparatist, Northwestern University Press, Penn State University Press, Central European University Press, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Peter Lang's "Balkan Series," Stanford University Press, PMLA, Slavic and East European Journal, Slavic Review, Journal of Popular Culture. 
Member: MLA, AAASS, NASSS, ACLA, ICLA, M/MLA, AWP, Phi Beta Delta.
a. Books:
1. Co-Edited and Co-Translated Volume, with Daniel Weissbort: Red Knight: Serbian Women Songs. (London: King's College/Menard Press, 1992), 125pp.  Wrote critical introduction: "When Body Sings Itself" (15-20).
2. Borderline Culture: The Politics of Identity in Four Twentieth Century Slavic Novels  (Fayetteville:  University of Arkansas Press, 1993), xiii, 197 pp.
3. Edited Volume:  David Albahari, Words are Something Else, tr. Ellen Elias-Bursać (Evanston:  Northwestern University Press, 1996), 215 pp. Edited and with an Afterword by T. Longinović
4. Vampires Like Us: Writing Down 'the serbs' (Belgrade: Beogradski krug, 2005)
5. Vampire Nation: Violence As Cultural Imaginary (Durham: Duke University Press, 2011)
b. Articles:
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12.  "Praštanje kao rešenje za društvenu krizu" (Forgiveness as a Solution to Moral Crisis) in Moralnost i društvena kriza (Belgrade: Institut za pedagoška istrazivanja, 1995), 315-326. Co-authored with Robert Enright, Elisabeth Gassin and David Loudon.  (Platform for conflict resolution strategies of Yugoslav conflicts)  
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e.  Lectures and scholarly papers presented (selected): 
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f. Conferences Organized
"Brothers No More", UW-Madison (organization of international workshop with participants from the former Yugoslavia), 1999
"Translating Identities", UW-Madison (organization of international workshop on translation studies), 1999
"Translating Cultures," UW-Madison (organization of international workshop on translation studies), 2000
“The Slavic Gothic,” UW-Madison (Comparative Slavic colloquium), 2007
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Short prose and poetry (selected):
1. Aleksandr Tkachenko, "Moth," The Seattle Review, Vol. 13, No. 1, University of Washington (Spring/Summer 1990)
2. Slavenka Drakulić, "Moonknife," Stanford Humanities Review, Vol. 1, No 2&3, Stanford (1990)
3. "Yugoslav Women's Songs," co-translated and introduced, Poetry World (London: Spring,1986)
4.   "Serbian Women's Songs," Poetry Miscellany, No. 17, Chattanooga (1986), with Daniel Weissbort)     
(Over fifty published translations of short stories, poems and articles from English (in Književne novine, Književna reč, Pismo, Pro Femina, etc.) into Serbo-Croatian, including the works of Raymond Carver, Donald Barthelme, and Marvin Bell. Complete list available upon request.)    
Feature Film Screenplays:
Dušan Kovačević, Papa (New York: The Professional Film Company, 1997), pp. 178.
Creative Writing:
Novel Writing
Short Fiction Workshop
Literature and Theory:
Interpretation of Literature
Narrative Literature
Literature and Psychology
Modern Central and East European Novel
Slavic Fantastic Literature 
History of Serbian and Croatian Literature
Central European Cultures
Slavic Critical Theory and Practice
Literatures and Cultures of Eastern Europe
Balkan Masculinities
Translation: Theory and Practice
Modern Serbian and Croatian Literature
Gender and Nation After Yugoslavia
Comparative History of South Slavic Literatures
Psychoanalysis and Literature
Slavic Imagined Communities
Violence and Culture
Theories of Intercultural Communication
The Vampire in Literature and Film
*Comparative Slavic Mythology and Religion
*East European Literature and Film
Intensive Elementary Serbo-Croatian
Intensive Intermediate Serbo-Croatian
*Advanced Serbo-Croatian
*can teach but didn't yet have the opportunity to teach
Work in Progress:
a) Creative Writing:
Books:   1. Second World, a novel (in English)
  2. S/M, a novel (in Serbo-Croatian)
b) Translation: 
Dušan Kovačević and Emir Kusturica, The White Hotel (New York: Robardeau and Geisler Productions, 1998), feature film screenplay (Serbo-Croatian to English)
c) Criticism and Theory:
1. The Secret of Translation:  A Manifesto of Border Cultures
1. “Ćele Kula: Nation as Trauma Commemoration”
2. “Ethnic Pornography in the Balkans: S/M of National Identity“
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КЊИГУ ТРЕНУТНО НЕ МОЖЕТЕ КУПИТИ У СЛУЖБЕНОМ ГЛАСНИКУ.Романе Мајстор и Маргарита Михаила Булгакова, Фердидурке Витолда Гомбровича, Гробница за Бориса Давидовича Данила Киша и Живот је другдје Милана Кундере, Томислав З. Лонгиновић разматра кроз идеју о јединственом културном идентитету средње и источне Европе, у оквиру које ниче гранична поетика. '
превела Дијана Митровић Лонгиновић
прво издање, 2013
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