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Поглед у књигу
прво издање, 2012
11,5 х 19,5 цм
244 стр.
броширан повез
ISBN: 978-86-519-1615-4
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An Invitation to a Journey through the Netherworld – the “Dark Vilayet” or the Wonderland
The underground world below large cities is not a mere part of human imagination. All civilizations, and this is especially true of the cities, being focal points of any more or less complex human community throughout history, get immersed in the ground with time. Contemporary inhabitants of each city on the face of the earth have only been the upper layer of a timeline, sprouting from the underground, which comprises many layers. Of course, we all know that. But what we don’t know, or what we fail to notice is that Belgrade is one of those cities where the nature and the history have joined hands, creating an exciting underground topography.

(Predrag J. Marković)